Design with User Experience for Mobile Apps is a Sure Shot Winner!

Jan 11th, 2018

Reaching out to customers can now be done with a click, via mobiles, ipads, tablets, the works! However, one seem to forget that the key to success for these businesses normally lie in combining user experience with design for their apps. With apps looming dime a dozen in the market, catering to almost all functions, it is imperative for mobile apps, to not only look good but also function smooth.

If your app fails to measure up to the expectations, it could well be death knell for it. A mobile app should be made by man for use of man. Let’s take a slight tour of the mobile app’s development journey, for a bit, shall we? This could maybe tell you how incorporating web app design with user experience is probably, the obvious way to go.


Be it any kind of user app, it would pull up the login or registration page at the start. The process should be smooth and clear as possible.

Option is to login, once you have registered, a process mostly in use by existing users, whereas new users would need to complete the registration process first, which needs to be an easy and straight forward process.

Password authentication needs to be seamless and designer can also think out of the box delivering fingerprint authentication, thus adding more customers.

Navigating and exploring:

Focus of a mobile app design that incorporate auto location with manual location entry is definitely the convenience factor for users.

Make the search button more visible:

For an ideal mobile app, which normally appeals to the user, a search bar can be easily accessed. Your app may also enable filter and sort button, thus vying for a better user experience.

Let’s say no to clutter:

Cluttering the app with functions is a put off in terms of user experience. Buttons or operations need to be clearly visible and separate to ensure delightful experience.

Let the forms be user friendly:

Break the design norms and incorporate usability. Make the entry forms on mobile apps more effective, pulling up more details of the user, by entering less information.


An easy to use mobile app, which is appealing to the eye as well as effective in its purpose, is the key to success! So, why not incorporate usability for design and work to enhance user experience? It could well be the trigger to stimulate enhanced user engagement and increased conversion rates.