Be the Trendsetter in 2018 for Software Development

Jan 9th, 2018

Everyone from person to businesses value success! Being at the top of the world is an experience, in itself. Even as technologies bloom, 2018 witness growth of some exciting trends that are also made commercially feasible. Why not take a look at the software development trends booming this year?

Block chain developers are expected to boom!

With the dramatic rise of bit coins, is it a wonder that block chain was the hot topic the past year? Thus, it became the technology capable of modernising the entire industry and not just the digital currency.

It is evident, from the launch of block chain platforms, the previous year by legacy technology companies like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon etc.

Does this mean boom in the use of Block chain platform by every business is the Software development industry, leading to increased demand for block chain developers?

As of 2016 figures, there were about 5,000 full time block chain developers, spread across globally, with scope for improvement as year goes by. 2018, is also expected to witness boom of block chain developers.

Internet of Things or IoT gets pushed to the Edge!

Wearables like Fit bit or Apple watch are on the boom, with edge computing getting a chance to rule in 2018. Edge computing seems to be in definite demand. This helps to streamline the traffic flow from IoT devices, while also providing the real time local data analysis.

It also finds its use in retail industry or real estate other than in automotive, educational, and healthcare etc.

AI is the next best thing in demand!

If your business is looking to stay in demand, then AI is the way to go. Voice activated assistants, smart phones; big data all see a boom, as a result of the AI adoption.

The clear winners for the scenario however would be the data scientists and Chief data officers, who will continue to be in great demand.

Virtual Reality (VR) may go conventional!

Commercially viable VR headsets and smart phone operated full power VR systems see a boom, even if the adoption is relaxed. They however, expect to break into the market and expand this year. FB and HTC have also cut the prices of their headset, aiming to attract new users.


Thus, seem like the year ahead could be could for software developers mainly if they adopt to the suited skill sets, pertaining to the expected trends. This also helps to let them move a step ahead in development with additional competencies, rather than adapt to just the basic programming skills, as is expected from a regular software developer.